• Your first appointment

    We discuss your medical history, review western medical findings, I feel your pulse at your wrists, check the appearance, texture, color and temperature of your skin, do a complete physical assessment, and several other diagnostic techniques. There may or may not be needles on your first appointment. The initial session takes about one and a half hours. Subsequent appointments are one hour.

    After your treatment

    You may or may not notice results after your first treatment. As your treatments progress, however, in addition to improvements in your symptoms, you may notice other unexpected benefits: better sleep, more vitality, feeling calmer, more relaxed, better digestion, etc.

  • Conditions I treat

    Classical Five Element acupuncture can be very successful in treating a wide range of conditions and illnesses.

    • Musculoskeletal- Neck or Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Back Pain or Knee Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries
    • Neurological/Nervous System- Headache, Insomnia, Stroke, Stress Disorders, Bell’s Palsy, Hyperthyroidism, High Blood Pressure, Neuralgia, Epilepsy
    • Gynecological- Fertility (Male/Female), Menstrual Pain, PMS, Menopause, Pregnancy, Cysts
    • Respiratory: Asthma, Cough, Sore Throat, Common Cold, Hay Fever, Other Allergies
    • Gastrointestinal- Constipation, Diarrhea, Acid Reflux, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Poor Digestion
    • Modern Disorders- Heart Disease, High/Low Blood Pressure, Chronic Fatigue, Supporting Cancer Treatment, Anxiety and Depression
    • Other health problems- Men’s Health Issues, Addiction, Accident Related Injuries, Skin Disorders
  • water

    Acupuncture is very safe

    Acupuncture is a very safe procedure using sterile disposable needles. I initially insert needles in a couple of acupuncture points. Generally the needles only stay in for a few seconds. The sensation is usually described as a slight tingling. After each set of needles are inserted and removed, I’ll stay with you and take your pulses. Your pulses tell me how to proceed with your treatment – then I’ll add a few more needles.


    What is Moxa?

    Moxibustion may be applied first. Small cones of an herbal mixture of artemisia vulgaris latiflora are placed on the acupuncture point and lit to warm, tonify, and bring energy (Qi) to the point.